6 Tech Trends You Need At Your Next Event

Using tech gadgets at your event can help preserve memories for longer and bring your guests together by creating a social atmosphere. If you’re tech savvy or just wanting to add an extra element to your events, this is for you- we have picked up the six new and upcoming tech trends which you should have at your next party, birthday or celebration!


Laser cutting can create one-off and beautifully detailed pieces such as custom designed event decorations or invitations. 3D printers also make designing, cutting and creating custom accents very easy. Production companies now offer 3D printed centre pieces and cake toppers. It’s a lovely way to add an extra personal touch.

laser cut cake

AV companies already use projectors and clever lighting to add custom looks and beautiful effects a given venue or event space. Image mapping is a new type of digital projection which transforms a space by projecting either still pictures or moving images onto an area, creating a certain atmosphere, mood, or feel. Image mapping is changing event spaces and venues into something spectacular; the ability to create whatever environment you want is within your control; imagine a big room being image mapped into a luscious tropical garden; a lovely sky of stars on the ceiling or having an array of pictures played throughout the night.

image map

If you’re like the 80% of the people who own an apple device- you will understand the need for a portable charger. Ensuring your guests have peace of mind knowing their phones or device won’t die halfway through a snapchat or video is essential. Providing portable chargers (with wires for all kinds of devices) is now standard at events.

iphone hands

Creating a hashtag for your guests to use is a novelty but it’s also an easy way to keep track of all your photos, plus not to mention increase the reach of your event or company on social media. Try making it into a competition or having a prize linked to it for some extra fun!

hashtags and snapchat

Spectacles are the new snapchat integrated glasses which can record what you see with the click of a button- and send it to your snapchat account. What makes it special is that the images/videos taken are from a personal POV so it can capture an intimate experience. Virtual reality headpieces are a great way to record your whole night from a 360 POV. Imagine being able to replay your special night in the future and re-watch all the memories. Using spectacles or VR headpiece will be something photographers will be doing in the future as it has the ability to capture your special memories forever.


Continuing on from the benefits of snapchat, the social app is used as a photo sharing platform but it has a variety of features that can offer more than that. Purchasing a geofilter can allow you to have your own set of themed and edited photos which guess will love using. You can also make your own story so attendees can send all their snaps to it throughout the night. This acts like a custom channel- so you can collate a multitude of images and videos, taken by all your guest, from throughout the day.

iphone screen

People tend to think that technology distances people.
We think change is good & technology does just the opposite- it brings people together. Digital advancements are impacting the way events are run and these six tools can allow you to add more personal touches and create a social environment which is comfortable for all your guests. Remember to have charging stations and selfie sticks handy when planning your next event!