Meet Kirsty

“My event style is

Classic & Luxurious”


About me
I’m a bubbly, sociable person who loves talking!
I find it very rewarding when clients become good friends. I enjoy getting things organised and exceed when working to tight deadlines as I love the pressure. Dealing with last minutes changes comes with ease as I am easy going and like to be kept busy.

Why a life in events?
I never once thought it would be glamorous; I knew the hard work, pressure and hecticness of it all and I loved it! but it all comes down to seeing the joy you bring people when you create their vision; their dream. I discovered early on in my career that these conditions are what I strive under. But it all comes down to seeing the joy you bring people when you create their vision; their dream. That moment of happiness and sparkle in their eye that you see when a bride/groom see their space for the first time- and it’s exactly what they want.
The added bonus is; I love food & wine and I often get to attend tastings and fabulous events!

What is your role?
To listen to my clients and make their vision come to life. Its important that I take care of my couples and manage their expectations and stress. It could be said that I am ….
A counseller listening, offering advice.
An architect when I transform spaces into something beautiful.
I’m a magician when I create something out of nothing; I take the ordinary and make it into something beautiful.
I become completely invested in creating an exceptional events for my clients.

Fun facts?
I’m a qualified photographer who has been published in magazines/won a few awards
I have ‘caught’ a Wedding cake (but I couldn’t save it…)
I have travelled to over 40 countries
I have managed events that had famous attendees such as the Queens sister Princess Anne, Posh Spice, Kelly Clarkson, the entire English winning ashes team, Liberal and Labour politicians, past and present Football & Cricket players, Home and Away stars.

How did your experience lead you to Opulence?
My parents used to host a lot of large parties growing up so I was exposed to the hustle and bustle from a young age! When I was 21 I moved to London and worked in bars and restaurant- but always knew I wanted to study. So I started working full time for an Event Caterer to gain experience in the event industry, whilst also studying  a double degree in Events Management & Marketing full time (Like I mentioned I like to be busy). I then moved back to Australia and worked for the Ruler of Dubai; managing a large calendar of luxury events. I was managed a lot of glamorous; high profile; big budget events, with most of these events having over 700 guests. I then moved back to Perth and created my own company- Opulence Events, Weddings and design.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I spend a lot of time researching trends, attending events and keeping abreast of the latest happenings in the event/wedding world. I love storyboarding and collating images from what I find.
My clients are my biggest inspiration; they come to the table with their own ideas and from there I work with them, getting involved and invested into their personal style- to the point where i’m immersed.

How is Opulence different to its competitors?
We take a ‘holistic approach’ and incorporate both planning and styling into our services. We see ourselves as project managers, bringing all the elements of your event together. We use our years of experience to delivery polished, safe and beautiful events.
Being with the client every step of the way, helping them to refine and visualise their ideas through my creative processes.
But most importantly the biggest difference Opulence offers is experience. As a team we have managed over 200 weddings and corporate events. We have the experience to deal with unforeseen elements (that often occur) without issue. We have the practical knowledge on how a Wedding or Event needs to be set up for the comfort for guests and service staff. We only use the most professional suppliers and don’t claim to do it all ourselves as we believe safety (electrical, equipment & food) is paramount.

Kirsty pictured helping a guest arrive at the reception without ruining her hair!

Worst moments as an Event Planner?
I have worked at an event where a once-in-a hundred years weather event occurred. We went from a sunny morning to a blanket of hail, which caused massive flooding. The venue lost power, windows broke and guests became terrified. It was our responsibility to move people away from danger and keep them informed. We were lucky as we were able to move all of our guest inside and still serve beverages which meant the party went on..
Wind can be as awful as rain & hail. At a wedding I managed by the river, the celebrants equipment was blown over- causing it to break- meaning no music for the bride to walk down the aisle. Fortunately, there was another Wedding close by so I ran over and kindly ask the celebrant if we could borrow their equipment. There was a slight delay, but the was problem solved!
The worst (and surprisingly common) thing to happen at events are medical emergencies. Groomsmen falling down stairs, people having heart attacks, women tripping in high heels; as an Event manager my job is to keep the party going so I have to think on my feet. For large events medical professionals onsite are vital. We have learnt to keep calm when dealing with the injured and their families.

Best moment as an Event Planner?
The best moment as an Event Manager is when a couple first sees’ the space you have created for them. Having their eyes light up. Hearing positive feedback from guests. All these things keep you going and make the blood, sweat and tears all worth it.

Proudest achievement?
This is my fourth year working with Telethon to deliver their large VIP space at the Telethon weekend. A touch of savvyness mean being able to design and style a high end, luxurious event on a small budget. All the money saved goes directly to the children and the events themselves help to fundraise even more. Using my job as a means to give back and help society is what I can be most proud of.

Now you know a little bit about Kirsty- how experienced she is, the amount of effort she puts into her events and her knowledge within the industry; why not contact her for your next occasion!